The Best Cash Back Sites – Get Paid to Shop Online

The Best Cash Back Sites – Get Paid to Shop Online

If you’re ready to stop over paying and want to learn how I get paid to shop online, then discover how you can stack savings up to five times and get paid like a boss.  Saving money doesn’t require any special skills, just a bit of research on what your options are and the best ways to shop. I’ll teach you my system to get get paid up to 5x on each purchase and even after you completed your purchase!

By staying out of your car, avoiding the freeways, and those delicious BBQ chicken samples at the food courts you’ll save gas, money, and time. My system is tested and it took years to perfect, you will actually multiply saving and avoid spending unnecessarily.

You’ll learn how to stack promo codes found on sites such as eBates, earn rewards from your credit card, and use Parabus to save money even AFTER your purchase!
  1. First, use the Chrome browser and download the Honey extension. Honey will automatically load all recent active promo codes on your shopping trip.  Action Step: Download the Honey extension for your Chrome browser.
  2. Go to a cash-back website like, and search for your favorite online store e.g. Best Buy, Target, Banana Republic, Amazon, ect.  On the store’s page, you may see promo codes before you leave the site which will save you an additional 10% – 50%.  Check the codes before you leave to start your shopping trip. I’ve received over $189 from eBates since I signed up. *Pro Tip, you can start at and then shop discount sites like to save twice and get cash back.  BTW –  this is how I buy my Mother’s Day flowers, Father’s Day steaks, and gifts for coworkers.  You can’t use both Honey and eBates in the same trip, but one site may have better promo codes. 
  3. Always use a credit card rewards card when you shop and only buy what you can afford. I use the Bank of America Check Rewards card. This card will pay you a $100 bonus for using the card plus 1-3% of your purchases’ value and another 10% on top of all those bonuses if you deposit the reward back into your Bank of America Checking account. In case you didn’t catch it. That’s getting paid three times in one step!
  4. Finally, you can sign up for Parabus to monitor your email receipts and it will automatically request a refund when the price drops.  They split part of your refund, but you don’t have to lift a finger. I never imagined you could save money after your purchase.  


Here’s an example of how you would apply this step by step.

  1. Start at eBates and search for Groupon’s page to buy steaks as a holiday gift.
  2. Get paid 6% cash back by starting at Ebates.
  3. Go to Groupon’s page and search for Omaha Steaks to save 79% on their Tailgate Special.
  4. Open a different browser to see if Honey has a better promo code for Groupon and apply the higher value promo code.
  5. Use your Bank of America Cash Back Rewards Card to earn cash back then deposit the rewards into your checking account to get paid twice.
  6. Let Parabus check to see if there are any discounts on your purchase and get paid when the price drops.

I love to save money multiple times for each purchase and share my best results with my readers.  This online stacking strategy will help you save plenty of money and make it very easy to shop without leaving your home and spending hours on the road.  Did I miss a good one?

Help the MSMB community with your tips in the comments below.

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