How To Start a Blog in 10 Easy Steps

How To Start a Blog in 10 Easy Steps

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Blogs are the commonly heard things in the current times. If you are a passionate writer and wish to generate an additional income for your family then the best thing is starting a blog. The times have gone when the blogs were the material for the professional writers as now they are for the thinkers, mother, teacher and craftsman. Let us discuss on the easy way to start up with the blog in 10 minutes. It includes getting a domain, setting up host, and also installing WordPress and all that can be done in 10 minutes. There are many ways of starting blog but the best one is the self hosted WordPress blog.

Buy domain name

The first step is to buy a domain name. The domain name of the blog can be anything like It is the place form where people would be finding you nd thus you need a good domain. It is really difficult you choose a good domain. Usually the hosting company suggested in next step provides with the free domain.

Set up hosting account

The next step is to set up the hosting account. It is the place from where the blog will become live. It is the server in the cloud which means the remote computer where you will be renting space to host your WordPress software and site. There are number of hosting service providers and I would recommend you  buy hosting from BlueHost and use my promo code to save 50%.  Why use BlueHost?

  • It’s the WordPress hosting provider with great customer service and at a fair price.
  • The packages are quite affordable. You can visit in order to get the packages at the most affordable rates.
  • They have good and fast page load time and it is also very easy to use.

Now setting up the BlueHost account is easy and it is explained below.

Step 1: Visit BlueHost 

The first step is to visit this link and on that you can click “Get started now” button.

Step 2: Check and choose plan

Once you navigate through the page you will be able to check the variety of plans which are easily available. You need to choose the plan as per your choice and requirements.

Step 3: Choose domain name

As the free domain comes with your hosting plan, you can choose the domain name of your choice and can also bring you current domain. Bothe the process is equally easy.

Step 4: Place order

Once you have made your choices, you simply need to place your order and also need to pay for the plan.

Step 5: Bluehost dashboard

It means that you purchase has been done and using your login credential you can visit the Bluehost dashboard of your account. Moreover, there you can easily install WordPress which is the software that runs the blog. Now installing WordPress is also very easy and it can be done in few clicks only.

Step 6: Install WordPress

You need to click the “install” button for installing WordPress.

Step 7: Select domain

Then you need to choose the domain which you have recently registered or the one which you have brought.

Step 8: Blog information

Then you need to check the “Show advanced options” and the fill your title, password and the username. The title is the name of the blog and thus you should think properly before giving a name. The username and password will be used to login in the backend of the WordPress blog. Make sure to save the information properly and check that you don’t lose that information. It will be needed for the future steps as well.

Step 9: WordPress is installed

After this Bluehost will install WordPress and it will let you know when the process is completed.

Step 10: WordPress dashboard

Now comes the final step. You can now reach the WordPress dashboard. You can directly starts blogging using the new theme or with the existing themes available on the blog. You can buy some new WordPress theme at It is the place which contains number of theme and you can choose your theme type form them. Once you purchase a theme from Themeforest you can return back to the dashboard of WordPress and click on Appearance>themes and the upload a new theme. The zip file of the theme which you purchased recently is to be uploaded.

Then you will be following the theme setup features of that particular theme. The person who developed the theme will show the features. Now you can add your logo, add pages, change colors and lots more.



You set up your blog in 10 easy steps.  This is the beginning of the journey. Now you have to add the content, images, etc to the blog to make it attractive. This was all about setting up your blog. But did you know you can also earn from your blog?  I do it every month! Once you set up your blog, you should start marketing your blog. You can include affiliate marketing into your blog and it can earn a good amount of money.

I offer a free course on marketing your new blog for the next three months.



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