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How To Start a Blog in 10 Minutes

Learn how to start a blog today

How To Start a Blog in 10 Minutes

Do you want to start a blog in about 10 minutes?  You’re in the right place. Blogging is a great way to earn money by creating valuable content.  Blogs are a great side hustle for many people who want to supplement their income or quit their jobs to blog full time.  Bloggers like Retire By 40 earn a respectable several thousand dollars a month to super bloggers like Pat Flynn who earn well over six figures a month. By the way, thank you for supporting My Smart Money Blog!  You don’t need to be a professional blogger.  Kids, moms, dads, gamers, penny pinchers, cooking newbies, and craft hobbyists all have blogs to share knowledge to their communities.  Choose a topic you’re passionate about, follow the easy action steps outlined below, and you’ll be up and running in about 10 minutes.

Step 1 Buy the Domain Name

The first step is to buy your domain.  For example, my domain name is The domain name of the blog can be anything like It’s the web address where people will find you and it’s helpful if it’s similar to the major topic of your blog. The hosting company I recommend will give you a free domain while other companies may charge you for this service.

Step 2 Buy the Hosting Account

The next step is to set up the hosting account. It is the place where the blog will live or be hosted. It will be hosted on a remote computer where you will be renting space to host your WordPress software and site. I’ve used several great hosting companies over the years and I recommend you get hosting from Bluehost.

Why Bluehost?

  • It’s a well-known U.S. based hosting company with excellent customer service
  • Their hosting platform is perfect for hosting WordPress and blogging content
  • The packages are very affordable. You can visit Bluehost to get affordable package rates.
  • They have good and fast page load time and it is also very easy to use.

ACTION STEP:  Click here to buy your domain and sign up for hosting.  

Step 3  Visit the Bluehost site and click on “Get Started Now” button.

Step 4 Choose a Plan

I recommend the $5.95 plan because you’ll have unlimited space, email accounts, and a free backup plan.

Step 5  Choose your free domain name or transfer your current domain and click “Next”.

Step 6 Place your order and pay for your plan.


Step 7 Log in so you can access your Bluehost dashboard. You can now install WordPress (your blog software) in a few easy clicks.

Step 8 Use the drop down to select your domain directory then click “Next”.

Step 9: Blog information

Then you need to check the “Show advanced options” and the fill your title, password and the username. The username and password will be used to login into your WordPress blog. Make sure to save the information since you’ll need it!

Step 9: WordPress is installed

After this Bluehost will install WordPress and it will let you know when the process is completed.

Step 10: WordPress dashboard

Now comes the final step. You can now reach the WordPress dashboard. You can directly starts blogging using the new theme or with the existing themes available on the blog. You can buy some new WordPress theme at I love it since it has a number of excellent quality themes. Once you purchase a theme, you can return back to the dashboard of WordPress and click on Appearance>themes and the upload a new theme. The zip file of the theme which you purchased recently is to be uploaded.  You can add your logo, pages or posts, change colors, and a lot more.

Congratulations. You have setup your blog at your new domain name on Bluehost.  You can now add the content, images, etc to the blog to make it attractive.  Once you set up your blog, you should start marketing your blog.  Look for my free blogging course coming soon.

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